How To Gently Stretch Your Lower Back

July 3, 2012

Stretch Your Lower Back

Lower back pains become a nagging problem over time for thousands of people as they get older. They can range from mild annoyances to severe and debilitating pain. Whether you work in a warehouse lifting boxes all day or sit at a desk in an office from nine to five you are at risk for sustaining lower back injuries. One of the biggest problems with lower back pain can be trying to take care of it once it’s too late. Often someone who is out of shape, and carries extra weight will injure themselves further by trying to jump right in and do back work outs. The truth is the best way to avoid lower back pain is to be proactive about it. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine most of your life you can avoid ever having to deal with such pain in the first place.

Most people, however, are already behind the ball as far as staying in shape. So one of the best things you can do is exercise responsibly and be cautious as to not injure your lower back. You might want to try gently stretching your lower back to start out. Whatever you do don’t just jump in headfirst and try to do something stupid like hyper-extensions or dead lifts. Her are some stretches for you to try at home.

Start out standing straight up with you feet shoulder width apart and your hands directly above your head. Begin to bend over slowly and reach for your feet. Feel each section of your back lower closer to the ground one lumbar at a time. The whole process should take 3-4 minutes before your hands are down by your feet.

Another good stretch is to lay stomach and face down on the ground, now slowly raise your hands and chest off the ground, and your feet up as well. In the finished pose you should be laying their looking like superman. Hold this pose as long as you can, really let your muscles tense up, and them relax back down to the floor.

Next sit up with your feet straight out in front of you raise one knee so that that foot is flat on the ground, even with the knee on your stretched out leg. Twist your torso and reach out with the arm opposite your raised leg. Press that elbow against the outside of that knee so that the side of your lower back is being stretched out. Now try this with the opposite side for the same amount of time to evenly stretch your obliques.

Here are three easy and gentle stretches you can try at home to help easy some of the pain in your lower back. These are a great way to get started on building strength back up in your lower back. The next step is to start exercising when the time is right and also make sure to eat healthier; the less fat you are carrying in your stomach area the less strain is being put on your lower back.

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